In her authentic, fearless, and relatable memoir, Chantell Davis invites readers into her world, recounting the traumatic and terrifying as well as the remarkable and supernatural events that shaped her life on her journey from childhood insecurity to eternal identity. Witty yet wise, reminiscing yet revelatory, Royal Comeback is a revolutionary tool that reintroduces God’s “ancient principles” that has the ability not only to transform the lives of individuals, but families, communities, and entire nations.


A YOUNG GIRL FINDS herself locked up in a dungeon. Her tired body, clothed in rags, is bruised and battered by her unseen master. Tears of despair have rolled pathways into her dusty skin. She is exhausted and easily distressed as the torment and constant abuse has left her being a ball of nerves…

There is no glimmer of hope since the heavy chains can seemingly never be broken off her ankles. Initially, she was enticed by the many promises that stated that she would encounter happiness, freedom, enjoy wealth, and live the good life. She was naive enough to embrace this idyllic mirage. She would be far away from her overprotective and seemingly unloving family.

This charmer said it would not even cost her much. She only had to trade her heart, innocence, and joy. It was a fair exchange compared to all the promises. But the reality was that the sweet-talking Casanova had other intentions for this gullible girl.

He kept her longer than she intended to stay, and he took her further than she wanted to go, until there was nothing left of the person she once was. She now believed her master’s words wholeheartedly as he has continuously told her that she is worthless, despised, vile, and utterly disgusting! “Yes,” she nodded her head in shame. That is who she has become.

At this point, she wishes to die, but that privilege is not even granted to her. In her attempt to rest, she cannot escape the regret and utter sorrow, but when she is awake, the days are long and miserable. If her parents were to see her now… If anyone would be able to recognize her, maybe they could rescue her. Still, that thought is growing strangely dim as the reality of the pit she is in and the depth of the darkness pulls her back to her awful truth. It is too late…

This story depicts how I felt as a young teenager. I was looking for an escape from the prison in my mind, but the enemy was right there, like a roaring lion, waiting to devour me. I was utterly ignorant, unaware of the dangers ahead and the immense cost of following him (1 Peter 5:8).

Join me as I reveal to you, with the help of the Holy Spirit, how I ended up in the dungeon, and how the King Himself came to rescue me…




The ace up the enemy’s sleeve is rejection. Discover the truth, as this lie is exposed, and the steps to an unshakable foundation are revealed.


There’s a reason why you never feel worthy and appreciated. Discover your true and unshakeable identity - never desiring man’s approval ever again.


The principle of blessing has been overlooked and misunderstood. Rediscover the keys to generational success and prosperity.


Break the cycle of more month at the end of your money. Discover divine principles to financial overflow that allow you to be blessed to be a blessing.


The yo-yo cycle stops here! Get ready for “total transformation” of body, soul, and spirit. Discover the keys to loving who you see in the mirror.


Are you struggling with the demands placed upon you as a mother? Learn how to become an abiding mom who finds her purpose and reward in the Lord.


Marriage is sacred, unbreakable, and beautiful. Discover the keys to a fulfilling and lasting marriage that leads to a blessed and thriving family.


The principles contained in Royal Comeback have the ability to not only transform the lives of individuals, but families, communities, and entire nations.


Chantell is the typical girl next door who divinely stumbled upon her Prince Charming, Kevin. They tied the knot, had four boys in a row, and now she is totally outnumbered by the testosterone in her household. Chantell has a passion for restoration – everything from old furniture to seeing people’s broken hearts mended again. As a family of six, they live to make the Name of Jesus famous… Chantell obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Counselling in 2016 while in the United States of America. Together with her husband, Kevin Davis, they are the Senior Pastors of Dominion Church in Somerset West, South Africa.


Whether as a keynote conference speaker, guest on a panel discussion, an online interview, or webinar, Chantell Davis will engage and bring value to your audience. Her goal is to help people achieve a paradigm shift so that they are able to fulfill their ambitions, bring their dreams to fruition, and pave the way to the future they desire. Her topics are varied, impactful, and most importantly, relatable; as she draws from her own life experiences and the principles she applied to totally transform her life.